Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reason to read your Costco Connection

I actually find interesting articles to read on a regular basis in my monthly Costco Connection magazine. The February issue had an article called "Doing Your Home Work" which focused on getting rid of clutter. Fellow Austinite, Lori Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet, a subscription-based website, offered some great tips I'll share here.

"Focus on small changes you can make that you can add to as new habits become more ingrained. We recommend focusing first on having good morning and evening routines, since those support you throughout your day and affect you and your family the most.

You can start with the morning "To D.E.W." list: Dishes (empty the dishwasher to be ready for the day), Eating (plan what you're going to eat later today) and Wash (take the laundry to the next stage). In the evening you can focus on the "Triple S" routine: Start the dishwasher (so the dishes are ready to put away in the morning), Straighten up (do "clutter patrol" of flat surfaces and the floor) and Set for tomorrow (gather whatever you need for the next day)."

I love the simplicity and the fun acronyms. So often, we just don't know where to start -- so we just never start! Whether you have a bit of a perfectionist streak in you, have gotten into a bad clutter situation due to difficult life circumstances or have just found yourself too busy to stop and try to gain some control of your home and schedule, give Lorie's suggestions a go. Heck, just do the "D" today and try for the "E" tomorrow and the "W" the day after that. Baby steps, my friend, baby steps!

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