Monday, February 2, 2009

Look, Ma, I'm a blogger!

OK, the pressure is on. My first post on my blog about Life, Love and Organizing! I'll be musing about both the interesting and mundane aspects of the titular topics -- I'll shoot for more interesting than mundane but I make no promises!

Since I can't discuss the specifics of my work due to client confidentiality, I'll try to keep it interesting reporting on a wide range of helpful tidbits I pick up every day in my life as a Professional Organizer. The specifics of my life as Wife to John and Mom to Mimi, however, are under no such obligation to confidentiality!

Bullet point bio:

Married to John for seven years;
Daughter Mary Kathleen (Mimi) is five years old;
Organizing most of my life -- getting paid to do it for about two years;
Proud native Texan living in Northern Virginia;

Let the blogging commence!

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