Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Some ecstatic, some sad, some hilarious, some poignant. Enjoy these six-word love stories submitted by Washington Post readers:

40 years married. 40 more please!

My parents worry I'll never marry.

So broke; yet surrounded by love.

His most romantic words: "I'll cook."

He said he'd call. Still waiting.

E-Harmony told us both: "No Matches."

I love him. He loves her.

At least I got the dog.

Marriage -- it's harder than it looks.

Being bored with you is fun.

Craigs list. True love. Who knew?

No husband. No children. No regrets.

"You're so lucky." It's not luck.

Looking for a soulmate, finding myself.

He is more than I expected.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally say hello.

Spooning, warm breath on my neck.

You were never that cute anyways.

Thirty years. Two kids. Still smitten.

I always run. No one left.

Shy soulmates. Final semester. Last chance.

Champagne and strawberries for one.

A wedding? No way! Prop 8.

Tread softly. A dream lies here.

And here's mine:

Worth the wait. You and kid.

What's your six-word love story?

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Pauline said...

And what a kid!