Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poop to Paper

I bet that headline caught your attention! In a nod to Green Month, here's the scoop behind the poop:

The company "Mr. Ellie Pooh" is Co-Op America's 2008 Green Business Leader Award Winner. Mr. Ellie Pooh's paper products are 100% recycled. They are made up of 75% elephant dung and 25% post consumer paper. There are no toxic chemicals used in the paper making process. Natural vegetative binding agents, along with water-souble salt dyes for coloring are used. Mr. Ellie Pooh's papers are handmade, acid free and as organic as it gets.

You can read more about one man's adventure into finding his true purpose in life here!

If you've listened to the radio, read a paper or magazine, or gone anywhere near the Internet in the past couple of weeks, you've probably figured out that February is Green Month. The Mennel family recycles to the tune of three bins every week. We have a programmable thermostat that keeps us nice and chilly in the winter, and warm and bothered in the summer. We've started using CFL light bulbs throughout the house. Our regular dry cleaner is now a "green" dry cleaner.

I also have a personal Green Goddess, my friend Darla, who has introduced me to, plastic bag dryers and low VOC paint! She is also a regular composter which is something I aspire to be. Maybe this spring. She is also really good about only using natural cleaning products. I'm not sure I can give up my Windex but I have tried one of the new "greener" Clorox products.

Reduce, reuse, recycle can also become part of your organizing routine. Whether you toss junk mail into the recycling bin on a daily basis, get rid of unwanted items in your home via your local group or favorite charity, or just put a little extra thought into your purchasing habits (do I really, really, really need this?!), you can be green and more organized!

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