Friday, February 13, 2009

Electric Meanderings

So in the past half hour I've had several random thoughts which include the word Electric. Here's how it all started:

Fairfax County has a free service called Electric Sundays during the winter months. You can bring your TVs, computers and peripheral electronic devices like keyboards, speakers, printers, external drives, etc. You can get more information on this event on the county's recycling website at

Then I recalled something I had read the other day about the old '70s kid show, The Electric Company. You can actually buy episodes from iTunes and there is a 2009 revival show that started last month. I loved graduating from Sesame Street to The Electric Company!

My thoughts then veered to the kick I get every time I drive down Electric Avenue here in Vienna. It's my short cut to Maple Avenue.

Which promptly, as always, planted an ear worm (you know, a song that gets stuck in your head) of the reggae song "Rock Down to Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. FYI, I just discovered a great website called Word Spy (The Word Lover's Guide to New Words) where I learned that an ear worm is also sometimes called a sticky tune or cognitive itch. Fun site.

The thought of reggae led, finally, mercifully, to the end of my Electric musings: My favorite sushi restaurant here in Vienna, Sakana Sushi, inexplicably plays reggae music. Which is actually kind of a nice accompaniment to my bento box.

Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher...

Oh, damn.

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