Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Kitchen Utensil Update

I'm really surprised at how few utensils I've put back into the drawers since I started this project! Since I last posted about this I've used my:

Super duper lemon/lime juicer - this is an incredible tool! I think I got this two-in-one juicer at Williams-Sonoma. It's heavy-duty, cast aluminum and can squeeze every bit of juice out of your citrus leaving the rind, pulp and seeds behind.

Manual can opener - am I the only one who never got around to getting an electric can opener? My mom always had one when I was growing up but now she also uses a manual one. This particular one replaces the one that caught on fire while we were living in Skopje, Macedonia. That one was great, however, it had a rubberized handle that, apparently, was VERY flammable! I couldn't find a replacement over there so I had wrapped the now-charred handle in several layers of masking tape.

Kitchen scissors/snippers - I used these to cut up pita bread in a lame attempt to replicate the incredibly addictive Stacy's Pita Chips. John really liked them but I found that they were just no substitute for the real deal.

Apple corer - I actually use this on a regular basis. Mimi loves apples.

Stainless steel tongs - I love these spring-action tongs that lock closed for storage.

Good, old-timey "punch" can opener - I made a crock pot potato soup yesterday and decided to get sucked into Carnation's latest ad campaign to get people using evaporated milk again. I even used the fat-free version and the soup turned out great! Maybe I will start stocking canned milk in my pantry again.

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