Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why not?

I've spent the day in my office thinning files, moving things out of here that belong elsewhere, shredding, recycling, thinking, poking around my computer, singing that Rihanna song "Stay" about 12 times.

During the "poking around my computer" phase I Googled myself, which I do occasionally.  Just to see what's out there.  I started this blog in 2009 and posts from it always come up first.  I looked at the archives and saw how I hit the ground running -- maybe a little too fast!  Over 20 posts the first month!  Then down to 11 the second month.  Then two to four each month over the next few months. Then a single, lonely post in 2010.  In February.

Not sure why I stopped.

But I think I'm going to start again.

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