Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

I've got an end-of-summer decluttering buzz going on! There is something about the beginning of the school year that feels very New Years-ish to me! Here are a few easy tips to help get you going on those tasks around the house you've been putting off during these busy summer months:

1. Set a timer for 30 minutes and play beat the clock. Focus on one room, one closet or just a general swoop around the house. When the time goes off, that's it! Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something.

2. Turn on your favorite music. It's amazing how much zippier I feel when I've got some old B-52s or No Doubt blaring throughout the house! Time really does fly when you're listening to whatever music inspires you.

3. Reward yourself. Promise yourself a bubble bath, a pedicure, a glass of wine in the hammock -- something you really love -- whenever you complete a task you've been dreading. Whether it's cleaning out a closet, a junk drawer or a filing cabinet, the prospect of a sweet reward at the end of the job will often get you to plow through.

Go on now. Have a little fun getting something done.

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